How Does Bankruptcy help?

  Bankruptcy is a word we all feel dreadful when hearing about. Besides declaring, it is already hard enough to go through a difficult financial situation like this. Pretty sure juggling your bills and keeping your finances afloat is already a nightmare, but still can’t get yourself out of the tangled credit bills, taxes and […]

How Bankruptcy Can Help Your Credit

How Bankruptcy Can Help Your Credit Declaring bankruptcy can be devastating to your reputation and self-confidence, but you may be surprised to learn that bankruptcy can actually help your credit. If you had a good credit score before filing for bankruptcy, you can expect your score to take a large dip after filing. According to […]

7 Ways to build your credit

  There are various institutions that offer the credit repair and credit building services for the customers with poor credit history. This is simply about resolving the factors that are impacting the credit in a negative manner. This is quite useful in improving your credit score and resolving the issue pertaining to your credit report. […]

What Does Foreclosure Actually Do to My Credit

What is Foreclosure In everyone’s life can arise from such circumstances, when it becomes impossible to pay for the house. Then the question arises – what to do? How the situation will develop in the future? What can be done to minimize any possible negative consequences? That’s when we hear this terms Foreclosure. Foreclosure – […]

Fixing Credit Rating in 2016

Fixing Credit Rating in 2016 – by Kyriaki Maria Grigoriou There are various myths surrounding the ominous and ever-present credit scores, which seem to be able to reduce people into orwellian ranges of numbers. Well, in truth no one actually knows exactly how they work, but experts have concluded that the most reliable formula for […]

Developing Separate Business Credit from Personal Credit.

Entrepreneurship requires one to be very organized regarding finance allocation.This will help to analysis the different types of financial responsibilities. Credit control is essential once a business grows to a bigger entity. The sustainability of an enterprise may sometimes require more money than the owner can afford. This will lead to a separation of the […]