Are you watching your Credit?

You have spent years building your credit and maintaining your finances. Having a good credit score gives the consumer more power than they are aware of! Having a ‘Good’ credit score, 700 or above, opens new doors…many you may not have known about.

Credit scores and why you should take care of yours

Credit card companies, as well as loan agencies and others, focus the most on good to excellent credit. The ball is in the consumer’s court once they earn a score of 700 or higher; many consumers forget that credit card companies REALLY want to keep low risk customers. Did you miss a payment by accident? Call and ask nicely for a ‘forgive and forget’ and ask for an extension. With your hard earned credit score they are generally much more willing to forgive since they know you usually make good on your payments. Credit card companies are also very willing to increase credit limits for customers with a credit score of 700 or higher. For couples starting families, buying a larger vehicle is a common and necessary expense. Having a good or excellent credit score will save you loads of money due to a lower interest rate.

Good credit never stops giving!

The special treatment doesn’t just go for loans and lines of credit! Even your car insurance is reduced when the insured driver has a high credit score. Earning a 700+ credit score takes educated and responsible steps; so does driving! With a good credit score you would not have a 500$ deposit to open an account with a major cellular provider. Did you want an IPhone with a two year contract from Verizon? If you don’t have a credit score in the ‘Good’ range then you will be stuck paying full price or having to fork over hundreds as a deposit for making good on your monthly bill. Buying your first house? Having a credit score of 700 WILL save you thousands upon thousands of dollars on a thirty year mortgage.

Do you like Haggling? Meet Good credit, your new best friend

Good to excellent credit truly puts more power into the hands of the consumer; raw, oft unused, power. With good to excellent credit you can call your credit card company right now and start haggling for them to waive your annual fee. Taking a month off and renting a vacation property? Chances are that you might be able to persuade the renter to lower the rental rate or waive certain fees based on your good credit. Earning Good to excellent credit is like being an Eagle Scout or a combat veteran; both require hard work, dedication, responsibility, and discipline. These qualities all appeal to companies entrusting their property and money to consumers. Credit card companies offer numerous reward cards targeted specifically for good to excellent credit individuals; always make sure to check with your credit card company for new deals! Good credit rewards further when you realize you didn’t have to pay a utility deposit at your new apartment or a deposit for the apartment itself!

The well informed consumer with Good credit will save enough money for a down payment on a car, a luxury vacation with their loved one, for their child’s education. After achieving a Good credit score of 700+ you will find new ways to save that you never knew existed. Maintaining that score will give you great rewards.

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